Albany Montessori School Nursery School for Boys & Girls 2 – 5 Years

We're 'Outstanding' in all 14 areas – Ofsted report 31st March 2012. 

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Albany Montessori children have a sense of healthy independence. They learn at their own pace and have freedom to explore in safe and structured environments. They make their own discoveries and learn to celebrate achievements with modesty and good humour. They begin to understand respect and thoughtfulness: how to take turns, to share, and to accept others.

Albany Montessori allows children to typically have more confidence than children attending conventional nurseries, and a broader world-view. They also tend to have a deeper understanding of the consequences of their behaviour, and are more likely to tolerate, respect and help others.

Albany Montessori children have opportunities to grow as individuals with unique characters and aspirations. We support their ambitions and have absolute regard for their right to a secure, fun and happy childhood.

Albany Montessori children move on to all sorts of schools when they have finished at our nursery. Their new teachers often find them to be more articulate and open to more ideas. Evidence also suggests that Montessori children start at new schools with advantages in literacy and numeracy.

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Albany Montessori is the only Montessori Nursery school in St Albans. The Montessori method and philosophy are central to our routines and activities, and we do of course also follow the national curriculum. We use Montessori Materials in our sessions, as well as conventional materials, toys, games and books.

The Montessori Method is an international philosophy of education based on the theory and practice of Dr Maria Montessori. Dr Montessori proposed that learning can be improved and significantly enhanced by appealing to a child's inherent attraction to structure, order and meaning in life. She combined this principle with her advanced understanding of child psychology and development to produce an innovative teaching method. Montessori is now an international movement and continues to evolve to meet the challenges of contemporary education. 

Albany Montessori is particularly popular with parents looking for a nursery to stimulate, challenge and nurture their children, as well as providing exceptional foundations for the next stages in school life. Read more about Maria Montessori & the Montessori Method here.

Albany Montessori School
 Providing a safe and fun environment
  Ensuring generous care and attention
  Valuing and respecting parents
  Supporting everyone in our community
  Promoting independence and creativity
  Celebrating and nurturing potential
  Enhancing learning and achievement
•  Raising environmental awareness.

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